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Resources in Butte County

Behavioral Health

(800) 334-6622

Source of  information and services for individuals in crisis

in Butte County.

Children's Services Division (CPS)

(800) 400-0902

Report suspected or known child abuse, prevention and intervention for those who are being abused or are at risk.


(800) 895-8476

Services, support and information for those who are at risk of domestic abuse or know someone who may be at risk or already experiencing it.

Community Legal information Center (CLIC)

(530) 898-4354

Provides  legal information.

Head Start

(866) 417-4255

Learning opportunity for children under the age

of 5 in low-income families

Public Health Department

(800) 339-2941

Committed to the health needs  of people of all ages within the Butte County community.

Police Department


For emergencies of any kind.

Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP) 

(530) 241-0552

Helpful and safe space for those who are teen parents or are expecting as a teen.

Valley Oaks Children's Services

(800) 345-8627

For child care needs and relief.

Youth for Change

(530) 872-3896

 Support for families in the community, including counseling and other family services.

More Resources for Butte County


Call to find out about additional hotlines and sources of information and help in your local area!

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